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Intermittent Phone Issues

Due to nationwide internet issues POS-X is suffering intermittent phone issues from our Corporate Office. We apologize for any delays in service this causes, and hope to resolve the issue as soon as possible. If you have an immediate need please send us an email support@myntpos.com. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank […]

How to Manually Enter a Credit Card Number

In Mynt, if you need to manually type in a credit card number you must use the Windows on screen keyboard, or have a USB keyboard attached. To bring up the Windows on screen keyboard, tap on the Mynt logo in the top right corner. On the Windows desktop, tap on the blue keyboard icon […]

Add Credit to Customer Account

With customer accounts you can allow you customer to add credit to their account at any time, with any payment method that you accept. Before you can add credit to a customer’s account, you will need to make sure that you have customers created in your system, and a pending payment (Charge Account) payment method […]

Creating and Using Purchase Delivery Notes

Purchase delivery notes are used to refill stock levels. There are two ways to create purchase delivery notes in Mynt. You can either create a purchase order and then receive those goods on a purchase deliver note, or you can just create the purchase delivery note to bring the items into your inventory instantly. To create […]

How to setup an employee card

To setup an employee card in Mynt, follow these simple steps. 1. From the main ordering screen, tap on the Setup button in the top left corner. From the Setup screen, tap on Basic Company Data Setup. 2. Next tap on Users. 3. Tap on the user that you are assigning the card to, and then tap Edit. 4. […]

Turning on Tips

If you would like to start taking tips on credit card transactions, follow the directions below. Once you have done this, you must also close out the tips at the end of every day. If you do not close out the tips, you will not receive the funds for your credit card transactions. If you have […]

Completing the End of Day Procedures

There are 4 things that you must do at the end of every day (3 if you do not take credit card tips). The first is to add tips to all of your transactions and close out transactions with no tip. If you are not taking tips on your credit card transactions, you can skip […]