Auphan Core & Enterprise – PAX S300 Configuration Guide

This is a step-by-step guide on how to configure your PAX S300 to communicate with Auphan.

  • You will need to configure the PAX S300 device to connect to the site’s existing internet network.

    1. Power on the PAX device.
    2. Connect the PAX device to the network router/switch via Ethernet cable and into the red LAN port of the PAX S300.

  • To enter the main menu on the PAX, simultaneously press FUNC (Blue F KEY) + 1.
  • Enter the device password and press the green confirmation button on the keypad.
    • Common Passwords: (1234)
    • (Today’s Date: MM/DD/YYYY)
    • If the above passwords do not work, please reach out to your processing company as they have changed this password
  • Press the on-screen down arrow once and select COMMUNICATION
  • Enter the same password again.
  • Press the down arrow again and select ECR COMM. TYPE
  • Select 4. ETHERNET
  • The next screen will display PORT:10009, please press the green button to continue
  • Select 2. HTTP GET
  • Press the on-screen down arrow twice and select 1. LAN PARAMETERS 
  • Select LAN TYPE
  • Select STATIC
  • Select IP ADDRESS
  • Write down this IP ADDRESS
  • Go to the Management Screen on your Mynt POS system

  • Select Processors under System Settings

  • Select the Drop Down options and choose PAX as Processor

  • A new set of settings will appear below

  • For the station you are configuring the pinpad for, go ahead and select the drop down options and select IP for PORT.

  • Now under Terminal ID, type in the IP Address that was written down and then : following the port number (10009)

  • Select Save and go into the ordering screen to run a test sale