Why Mynt is great for Vapor and E-Cig shops

Mynt is a great option for vapor and e-cigarette shops. One thing that can make these merchants a bit difficult to work with is the amount of e-liquid that a single store can carry. With each e-liquid having multiple options for flavor and nicotine content, the number of SKUs to track can grow out of hand very quickly. With Mynt’s built in matrix items, an entire line of e-liquid can easily be entered as a single button, with all of the flavor and nicotine options available once the item is selected. All of the possible combinations of flavor and nicotine are individually tracked for inventory purposes, but closing a sale can be done in as little as 3 buttons presses, and you don’t have to spend time searching through a jumble of items to find the exact options needed.

E-Juice Matrix

An example of 6 brands of e-juice setup in Mynt using a matrix.

E-Juice Individual Items

An example of what the same e-juice brands would look like in a standard POS.