Mynt Dealer Program Information

Did you know that Mynt can work with new and existing dealers?

The Mynt dealer program is a great way to bring in new merchants and offer your dealers another reason to refer their business to Worldpay. Mynt is also a great product for cash register dealers, because the Mynt team handles all the service and support, the dealer does not have to worry about setting up or supporting the POS.

The Mynt dealer program works as follows.

1. The Mynt dealer finds a lead and sells them the Mynt system.

2. The Mynt dealer orders the system from Mynt, Mynt will contact the merchant and send their information to you to write the merchant account.

3. The Mynt team builds the merchants menu and gets the merchant up and running on the Mynt system.

4. The Mynt dealer sits back and relaxes as they receive their residuals and bonus while the Mynt team take care of training and supporting the merchant.


With Mynt, dealers have 5 different ways that they can make money.

1. Initial Sale – Mynt dealers can purchase the system from Mynt for $695 and then sell it for any amount* of their choosing. Any money over the $695 they collect goes straight into their pocket.

2. New Account Bonus – For every new Worldpay Merchant account that they refer and gets activated they will receive a $100 bonus.

3. Residual Payments – All Mynt dealers will receive 20% of the lifetime residuals from every merchant that they sell the Mynt system too.

4. Additional Products – Mynt dealers are also able to purchase the various peripherals from Mynt POS at dealer pricing and then resell them for a profit. All Mynt peripherals are 100% compatible with the Mynt POS system and covered by our lifetime warranty.

5. Additional Services (Optional) – If a Mynt dealer wishes to add on additional services like on-site installation or on-site support, they are more then welcome to add that on as an additional service. Even if the dealer is offering on-site support the Mynt team will still be there to back them 24/7.

If you have any dealers that are interested in signing up with Mynt or have any specific questions, get in contact with a Mynt Ninja and our team will take care of it.


*Online minimum advertised price of $895