Turning on Tips

If you would like to start taking tips on credit card transactions, follow the directions below. Once you have done this, you must also close out the tips at the end of every day. If you do not close out the tips, you will not receive the funds for your credit card transactions. If you have any questions on doing this, or would like to confirm that you have closed everything out, please contact Mynt.

From the main ordering screen, tap on the Setup button in the top left corner, then tap on Miscellaneous Setup.



Next tap on Tips, tap on where it says Disabled so that it changes to Active. Below active make sure it is set to Manual and In all tickets, like the image below.


Now tap on the Menu button in the bottom left corner. If it asks you to accept the changes, tap Accept.

Now tap on First Mile and change Preauth mode to Always.


Tap Menu in the bottom right, and tap Accept when it asks if you would like to save.

Now whenever a credit card transaction is run, there will be a line for a tip and total at the bottom of the receipt. Make sure that at the end of every day you close out the tips as shown in this article.