Void Transactions

If you need to void any transactions click the Search button at the top of the main sales screen.

void 1


In the search window click the Search Receipts button.

void 2


From the search receipts window locate the transaction that you are wanting to void. Once it is highlighted click the Payback button on the right of the screen.

void 3


A window will appear asking if you want to confirm the void. Click Accept.

void 4


If you are voiding a credit card transaction a window will appear with the transaction ID and the order ID. Click Process. If you are voiding a cash payment this window will not appear and will prompt you to the next window.

void 5


Another window will open up letting you know if the void was successful or unsuccessful. Click Accept.

void 6


The last window that will open asks you to print the amended copy of the receipt. Click Accept to finalize voiding the transaction.

void 7