Closing out Tips

After you have taken all your credit card transactions for the day you will need to close out those sales and some may have tips added on to them. To close out your sales and add tips you will need to click on the Search button at the top of the main sales screen.

tips 1


While in the search window click the Tips Pending button at the top of the screen. This will pull up a list of all the card transactions that still need to be closed or have a tip added to them.



Locate the particular card transaction that needs a tip added and click to highlight. Once the transaction is highlighted click the Add Tip button to the right side of the screen.




A window will appear prompting you to enter the total amount of the tip. Enter the amount and click Accept.

tips 4


Another window will pop up informing you if the payment is successful or unsuccessful. Click Accept to finish adding the tip.

tips 5