Receiving Payment on Charge Account

To see the amount owed on each charge account you can view the Customer Debts report. You can open this report by clicking on the Reports button at the top of the sales screen and then going into Advanced Statistics. This report will show you each customers total sales, payments, and the difference between the two.Customer_Debts



You can select any of the customers and then click the Detail button to see all of the transactions tied to that account.




To receive a payment on an account, you will need to create a cash movement tied to that account. To create a new cash movement, click the Actions button from the main sales screen and then select Cash Mov. This will open up a list of that days cash movements.



Click the Insert button to create a new cash movement.


Change the Type to Cash-In, then select the customer from the drop down list, and the debt amount will show the amount owed by that account. You can enter a description for the payment, or choose from a list of the previously used descriptions. Choose the Tender Media and enter the amount the payment is for, and then click Accept. Mynt will ask you if you would like to print a receipt, click Accept to print the receipt and Cancel to process the payment without printing a receipt.